Covid-19: Information for parents and guardians

In recent days, there has been increasing media coverage of COVID-19 (the new coronavirus), and we are also kept informed about the action taken by various municipalities in the country.

The Municipality of Valdemarsvik has decided to follow the general recommendations from the Public Health Agency of Sweden (Folkhälsomyndigheten) regarding the coronavirus. This agency is the expert authority on the subject. Currently, the Public Health Agency of Sweden assesses the risk of infection within Sweden to be moderate.

Schooling is compulsory in Sweden, so, in principle, students who are in good health should go to school.

Children and students who have travelled abroad

If you have a child/student who has recently spent time in the affected areas of China, northern Italy, Iran or South Korea and they have fever and a cough, you should contact the healthcare services—1177 by phone—tell them about the symptoms and where the child/student has been travelling, and then follow the healthcare services’ recommendations.

Students who are not experiencing any symptoms should go to school. If they do not have any symptoms, children in preschool can participate in activities as usual.

Children/students with chronic illnesses

If you have a child who has an underlying chronic illness that makes him or her especially sensitive to infection and you are concerned about the risk, it is recommended that you contact the child’s doctor for advice.

International exchange

Some schools have international exchange students and personnel. At the moment, we do not exchange with countries that have been identified as highrisk areas. We follow the recommendations set out by the Public Health Agency of Sweden and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs regarding travel in other countries.

Additional information
If you are a parent or guardian and have general questions about the coronavirus, more information can be found on the Public Health Agency of Sweden’s website: You may also call 133 13, which is the national information number.

General advice
To generally help prevent the spread of infection and reduce the number days off sick, we recommend that everyone should follow the Public Health Agency of Sweden’s advice that is repeated every year: Wash your hands! Cough or sneeze into the bend of your arm! Stay home when you are sick!

The Public Health Agency of Sweden: